Top 10 Tips how to Prepare For a Job Interview

#Tip No. 1 

 You got to determine how formal is this job interview going to be if you’re interviewing for a start-up likely you don’t really need to prepare for any specific questions because it’s going to be a natural little conversation that you have with the employer but if you’re interviewing for a corporate company you should be prepared for the cliche typical interview questions that you would always get .

# Tip No. 2

Being obese makes you less desirable to hire so getting into shape before you start your job search can save you a lot of effort people who are obese are perceived as less productive

They are less likely to get hired for a job according to a study of over 1,000 British employers nearly half the recruiters questioned in the study said that they would be less likely to hire someone that is obese

 # Tip No. 3

Dress appropriately whatever they wear at that job take it one step up if people dress casually you dress business casual if people dress just business casual then you dress professionally. Always wear clothes that fit well.

When you wear none fitted suit you’re telling the employer that you have low self-awareness and you’re too dumb to figure out what fits you

Now the most important thing about a suit is that it has to fit you well. the fit is the most important aspect of any suit and I recommend the dark grey color which is suitable for interviews but can also be used for events such as weddings.

# Tip No. 4

 Avoid your gain caffeine interviews tend to make people nervous and when people get nervous they tend to talk faster and caffeine tends to make people talk even faster so I personally don’t drink caffeine before interviews and I recommend for you not to drink caffeine as well

# Tip No. 5

 Drive the discussion so typical interview format is interviewer asks a question and you answer this can be a little bit stiff and it could even be a little bit awkward if the interviewer doesn’t know what to ask so instead try to make the interview more of a conversation and a discussion instead of Q&A.

This will help make the interview feel a little bit more organic and at the very least put both parties at ease.

# Tip No. 6

Don’t state your qualities flat-out alright for example say if you’re on tinder and someone roots on the profile I’m fun and adventurous well it actually looks kind of dumb that you have to say that you’re fun and adventurous instead you should show people that you’re fun and adventurous through  your  pictures that you have on your dating profile as well as your description like writing a fun description.

In that same way when you’re in an interview and you say things like I’m intelligent and hardworking and a go-getter it’s not very convincing and it gives the interviewer or employer like no context at all right so instead of just saying things quality straight out you should demonstrate them through a story when you answer their questions

# Tip No. 7

Body language you want to sit properly but you don’t have to be stiff as a board it makes people uncomfortable when you sit so stiff like it just makes people feel it’s really stiff uh-uh

# Tip No. 8

Stalk everyone so I know you know how to stalk everyone on Facebook already now it’s time to stalk everyone on LinkedIn if you’re talking to your recruiter or through email copy their email into the LinkedIn search feature and try to find that person LinkedIn and then once you find them on LinkedIn find everyone else that works for a company on LinkedIn as well doing this bit of research will help you stand apart actually and in a good way not in a creepy way.

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t even do basic research about a company before going into a job interview so if you do this it will not only make you look good but also make you look like you really want the job

# Tip No. 9

 Have a little Smile on the face, it’s been proven in studies that smiling is not only contagious but actually makes you feel happier and more self-confident. Behavior affects the mind as much as mind affects behavior.

#Tip No. 10

Be confident and remember that you’ve made it this far for for a reason hold your head up high don’t trip and remember you got these interviews are one of the few times in life where narcissism is accepted and may even be embraced remember there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance but during the interview process you want a beautiful balance .



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