5 Strange Habits which these Successful entrepreneurs uses to find a new Idea


American President Donald Trump sleeps for almost 4 hours. Pepsico chairman Indira Nui could also spare only four Hours for Sleeping.

Similarly, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, Founder of Virgin group Richard Branson only sleep for 6 hours. The remaining time is sacrificed Because of their Busy Schedule.

But Even between their tight Schedules they somehow manage to find a new and creative Idea. No one knows where they get such energy and thinking ability.

In this post, we will show what these Successful people Do to Increase their Focus and Creativity –

#1 Google CEO Sundar Pichai leaves the meeting in Between

Whenever  Sundar Pichai faces any difficulty in solving any complex problem he leaves the meeting room without saying anything to the Members. Pichai always gives opportunities to every employee to Put their Point.

He always makes a strong comeback with the solutions to his problems. He says, He loves Speed in life and he gets the best Creative Ideas while Walking.

#2 Mark Zuckerberg wear all clothes of the same colour.

The Founder and CEO of the Giant Facebook Inc  Mark Zuckerberg have a Permanent dress Code for his Office. He always wears Jeans, Grey t-shirt and Sports shoes. He hates to waste his time on small problems and issues rather He uses  Every single minute for making Facebook better.

Mark has all T-shirts of the same colour that is Grey Colour.

# 3 Steve Jobs used to go for a long walk in Search of new Idea

Apple Co-founder Steve jobs whenever found himself in a Problem, He used to go for a long Walk. That long walk is still popular on the Apple Campus.

He could be found walking anytime. According to recent researches, it has been found that walking helps in keeping the mind calm and increased mind’s focus and concentration.

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# 4 Linkedin CEO finds time not to Do anything at three times in a day

Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner try not to do anything at least twice or thrice a day to Increase creativity and Focus. In this free time, he never checks his emails neither he talks to anyone.

He even doesn’t play games or does any physical Activity during this time.  According to Jeff, this is the only funda of his Success.


# 5 Apple CEO Tim Cook has daily lunch with his employees in the cafeteria

Tim Cook every day woke up by four in the morning and goes for cycling which gives him energy. He also prepares for the whole week on Sunday only.

He plans his employee’s calls on Sunday night. He also has daily lunch with his employees in the common cafeteria. According to him discussion also helps in finding new Ideas.

These are some of the habits of most Successful Entrepreneurs on this planet. Don’t forget to comment your habits which keeps you get going and motivated.



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