How to prepare for Job Interview If You are a Introvert


If you are sensitive, don’t talk much, Hesitate in talking, little bit Shy, Cool Tempered then no need to hesitate almost 49.3% of the total world population is Introvert and It is not a hindrance in your success by any means.

Most of them are People Mostly Introverts are afraid of the Job Interviews and Refrain to attend the Interviews and those Who attend Fails badly due to lack of proper Information about the Job Interview.

Now, We will tell you three steps which could help you in getting the job easily.

#1  Before the interview – Double “P” formula

# Prepare for the mock interview . Ask your friends to ask questions similar to those which would be asked in the job interview.

By doing that you can easily prepare for the  Answers which are going to be asked in the Interview. You will feel more Confident when you will face the interview, as you know most of the Answers already.

Don’t Forget to get as much information about the company as possible before going to the Job Interview.

Go through the website of the company where you are applying for the job and learn what the company is basically doing because they will surely ask you about their company to test your interest in the job as well as in the company.

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# Organise your Documents Properly and In the right order so that answers related to Studies could be found in the File Itself. You will also save a lot of time if you organize them beforehand.


#2  During the Interview – Maintain Proper  “Eye Contact

During the Interview, talk to everyone and maintain Proper eye Contact With Them. By doing that you would not get Nervous. Maintaining eye contact will boost your confidence and you would be able to give your answers with much more authority.

If you don’t  know the answer it is Better to ask the  Question again then giving Wrong Answers.

You can also say that you don’t know the answer in a polite manner which will show your honesty but you can’t do this with every Question.

Take your Time while giving the answers and  Always ask Counter Questions which would reflect that you are seriously Interested in the job and not here Just for the sake of getting a job.

#3  After the Interview is over – Take the Follow-up

After the Interview is completed Don’t just say thanks only rather tell the Interview Panel about what you liked the most in the whole interview Process.

This would Increase you Chances of getting the Job and You would develop a good Impression in front of the Interview Panel.

Don’t forget to Drop a Follow-up mail 24 hours after the Job Interview which will show your Professional approach towards the company.


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Do comment your problems which you are facing in the job interview and I would love to give you a solution.


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