How to Introduce yourself In a Job Interview


You guys would always be wondering that despite giving all the details in your resume, Interviewers still prefers to ask their favorite Question “Tell me something about yourself “.

It is just because they want to hear from you how you perceive and define yourself. They want to know what you think about yourself,  So here we will tell you how to answer this question in the most detailed way. 

Best way to answer the question tell me something about yourself?


When this question is asked ‘ Tell us something about yourself ‘ you don’t have to start telling about your childhood memories or about your fantasies and experiences But you have to follow a certain pattern which we will show you in this post.

   #1  Start with your Name 


The first step in the introduction process is thanking the interviewer for giving you an opportunity to introduce yourself so you could simply start your conversation by saying thank you for providing me the opportunity to introduce myself.

You could also say thank you for shortlisting me for the personal interview round which will show the interviewer your courteous nature then state your full name say your name in style and with a sense of pride say it in a way like these most wonderful set of words you’ve got across throughout your life which will ultimately reflect your confidence level.

One of the most common mistakes and experienced candidates doing is saying myself this or myself that which is grammatically incorrect the best way to state your name is by simply saying I am (Your name) or my name is (Your name).

 # 2 Place you belong to 

The next thing which needs to be mentioned is the place you belong to My point here is that don’t just simply mention the name of your native place but rather just as piece of information out by adjoining an interesting fact to it so, for example, you could phrase the sentence as I’m a native of the commercial capital of India Mumbai or I have been born & brought up in the pink city of India Jaipur.

 #3 Educational Qualifications 


The next thing you should be talking about is your educational qualifications the best thing to do in this case is to highlight the details about the last two degrees accomplished by you matching about the most recent one towards the end so for example if you’re simply an undergraduate you can share details pertaining to your secondary and higher secondary education .

If you are a graduate then you can mention details about your higher secondary and graduate degree and if you are a postgraduate then you can emphasize your graduation and master’s degree

But the question which arises over here is that what is it that needs to be mentioned tell the name of the institution you have passed on from disclosing the percentage marks if you think you’ve scored fairly well or else just talk about other awards or accolades granted to you during your academic tenure.

Share the name of the subject you majored in do mention the extracurricular activities you’ve been a part of in your school or college days give a brief about any research project or case study you have been associated to.

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#4 Reason for choosing the Profession

The next thing which needs to be stated is the reason for choosing the professional stream which you’re already pursuing or vest you seek a                career In.  State a convincing reason which prompted you to offer the particular stream and have your own unique reason to amuse the interviewer.

So for example if you’re pitching for a Sales job you could say something like this I wish to pursue a job in the sales and marketing department as sales is all about helping other people to achieve their goals and solve their problems by introducing your company’s product or services to them so I would love to work for getting this genuine feeling of being useful to people

Similarly, if you are applying for a job in the hospitality sector you can say something like I chose to be in the hospitality industry as I believe I am a people pleaser and I’d like to bring a smile on people’s face.

 #5 Work Experience 


When you start talking about your work experience initiate the conversation by telling the interviewer how many years of experience you bring along with you followed by mentioning the details only about the first and most recent job role and if you’re just a fresher then you could simply emphasize on any sort of industrial or vocational training program you have undergone.

Something like that I bring along a total of seven years of extensive experience with me in the financial sector when I started my journey with artists enterprises as a general cashier and in my last assignment I’ve been associated to Deloitte as an internal auditor.

Talking about your friends is one of the most important aspects of a job interview as it provides you with the opportunity to explain it to the interviewer that why you are the best-qualified candidate for this job highlighting on three key strengths works out to be the best in this case.

My advice to you is that don’t just simply pick any random strengths you have been told by people around you that you have liked a good cook a fast runner a responsible driver or helpful to friends because if these strengths are not relevant to the job role you applying for then they don’t really matter to the employer the best thing to do in this case is to understand the responsibilities of the job role you applied for and then try to find out which of your key strengths will relate the most to this role in specific which will be music to the interviewers ears .

So for example if you apply for a Journalist job then mention that you are a good communicator a multi-tasker and a great shorthand typist will help you to please the interviewer or if you are applying for a leadership role in an organization then stating problem-solver good team player and being goal-oriented as your key strengths will make the interviewer like you.

But make sure that for every strength mentioned by you-you have a strong personal story or experience to share if asks which will help and exemplify in your case well and will leave a better impression in the interviewer’s mind.



The next thing you should be talking about is your weakness you guys must be wondering weakness are you serious well yes I am so before raising your eyebrows hear me out no one in this world is perfect and handshaking your weakness tells the interviewer that you’re being honest to them.

Now the trick is that when talking about your weakness tell something which is insignificant and will not harm or affect your work in any way.

Some of the examples are I can’t say another people I believe that I am quite open direct and straightforward in my approach I think I get a bit emotional at times.

But if the interviewer asks you a question on this make sure you are able to back it up well talking about this weakness of yours affects you and what efforts have you taken to curtail it declare your mission statement which shall be something which you religiously preach and mention the name of your role model whose footsteps you follow to achieve your life’s purpose.

I am a strong believer in the saying that action speaks louder than words which implies that just simply saying that you do something does not means much actually doing it is harder and more meaningful I regard my father as my true source of inspiration as his most honest considerate and diligent person I have ever come across in my life .



When you talk about your family members first specify the number then start mentioning about your parents and then come down to your siblings you need not mention your family members name just a profession or occupation will do including me my family consists of four members my father who’s working as a scientist with a government organization.

My mother was working as a fine arts teacher and an elder sister who was working as a doctor by profession now for those of you whose mother is not into any profession never say that my mother is a housewife which is completely misleading instead use the phrase ‘homemaker’ which makes much more sense.




Talking about hobbies try to lay emphasis upon the most interesting part-time activities you’ll love to indulge yourself in.

Learn to phrase your hobbies in a unique manner so for example instead of simply saying I like reading books you could say that in my free time, I like to curl up in the corner with a good book

Instead of mentioning cycling as your favorite posturing activity you could phrase it as I like saddling up my bike in the woods during the early morning hours or instead of mentioning diary entry as your favorite hobby you could say I like to unwind my day by making a note of the day’s affairs in a diary sitting in my favorite cup of hot chocolate .


It is extremely important to throw some light upon your life’s aim while introducing yourself. Now aim can be split into two parts a short-term and an ultimate long-term goal people who are said to have a short-term, as well as long-term vision, are considered to be more futuristic and focus in their career.

Let’s try to see an example of this my immediate goal is to get on to the managerial rule but in the initial five years of my working experience and my ultimate aim is to become a successful entrepreneur in the restaurant business.

Now don’t just abruptly stop talking and end of your introduction with an ambiguous pause always intimate you interview by letting them know that you are done introducing yourself and they may proceed further with the interview process.

You may conclude your introduction by saying well that was just a brief summary of my journey so far however if you would like to know any further details I would be glad to share it so we just discussed the ingredients which are essential to prepare the digital poster introduction and as in the case of cooking a dish the proportion of using these ingredients is extremely important and that is the reason I emphasize on the amount of detail to be shared while speaking about each element in specific .

The second most important thing when preparing a dish is the cooking time and that is the reason I recommend that introducing yourself should at least take seconds to avoid your dish from being undercooked preferably seconds four wonderful days but not, in any case, more than a couple of minutes which will make your dish slightly overcooked . I’m sure you don’t want that to happen.


It is the sequence of adding ingredients which is imperative for lip-smacking recipe hence it is of absolute importance to mention these elements in the order we just discussed.

Starting with tagging the interviewer telling your name and the place you belong to talking about your educational qualifications followed by invention the reason for choosing the particular profession sharing details about your work experience or any training exposure you have highlighting on your key strengths and weakness stating your mission statement and telling about your role model talking about your family hobbies in life .

I believe it will be of great help to you in case you need any further assistance relating to this topic then do comment below and I would love to address it good luck to you.

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