How to increase twitter followers


Most of the people think that Twitter is just a social networking site but more than that it has become a status symbol. If you want to increase your status with your followers then always keep these little things in your mind.

# Give Information about Yourself

Your personality should reflect on your twitter account. If you have a twitter account with your name then you should also provide information about your city and a little bit information about yourself.

By doing that your followers feel more connected with you. The information provided should be real and trustworthy.

# Give Answers

Nowadays social media has become the primary source of Information. If you become a source of information then people will surely follow you back. Try to share news and tricks as well.

# Involve in Discussion

Once you have created an account on Twitter, its time to get involve in Discussions.Discuss the latest topics with your followers. By doing that you can learn so many new things and your network will also grow eventually.

Read what your followers are tweeting about, question them and give your inputs. If you are associated with a company try to take feedback about your company from your followers. It may also happen that you might get a new client by doing that.

# Say Thank you

If people tweet to you then give an answer to these tweets if these are not spams. If people retweet your tweets then say thank you to them. Slowly and gradually this way can help in increasing your twitter followers.

# Tweet about your favorite topics

Start tweeting about your favorite topics in which you have interest and good knowledge. It will help other people to recognize your talent and knowledge and people would love to connect with you. Retweet the tweets and also encourage others for retweeting.

# Follow others

follow other people who share the same interests, it might be possible that some may follow you back and some may not but for getting included in the Twitter economy you need to follow others.

# Try to learn new things

Follow the top twitter users and have a close watch on how they tweet. By following this simple trick you can also increase your twitter followers by a large number. With every single tweet, you would learn something new.

# Use hashtags

Use hashtags in your tweets and try to use trending words in your hashtags. By doing this your posts can be shown in top trending topics and can get you a good number of followers.

#  Don’t send Spams

Don’t try to sell anything from your profile, it will ruin your image on Twitter and you will surely loose followers. People follow you because you provide value to them.

# Show your Presence

Post on a regular basis because if you are absent for a long time on twitter then it could let you away from the mainstream. If you are unable to spare time for the tweets, then you can also schedule your posts for later, By doing this you can save a lot of time.

For scheduling your posts you can use Buffer or Hootsuite, You can also use other services.

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