5 Ways You can Use Instagram For Start-Up promotion

In the whole world, there are more than 800 million Instagram accounts which are opened in a month and More than 80% of the active users follow someone or the other.

Use of social media such as Youtube, Facebook has become very common for Business Promotions But now Photo-sharing app Instagram is Being used for such business promotions.

From Product Detailing to Increasing website traffic  You can Use Instagram  in the following ways -:

#1 Use of Proper Hashtags

Try to find the hashtags which are being used the most. When you find them Now try to find those among them which are useful for your Business.

By using these hashtags you can highlight your company rapidly. You can use 30 hashtags in a single post but try to use 3-4 hashtags only. Don’t forget to use your company name as a Hashtag in every post.

#2  Visual content should be powerful

You can use Photo filters which are already present on the Instagram to increase picture quality. Around 60% of the total Brands present on Instagram use Photo Filters.

Since Instagram is Mostly used for Visual engagements don’t forget to post Boomerangs, GIFs, and short videos at regular Intervals to Increase engagements.

# 3 Provide Details About Company in the BIO

When you set up an account on Instagram, It should be taken care of that Instead of Providing Information about your personal details, you Provide Information about your Business and company.

The Bio Should be detailed enough to give complete information about what your business does and It should also have a link to your Business Website.

#4 Don’t  Forget to Follow others

It is also important to see what accounts you follow along with increasing followers. Always try to follow Powerful personalities associated with Business.

You can also follow future Clients and don’t forget to comment on the Posts of those who you are following by doing that you are showing your Presence.

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#5 Try to post regularly

It is important that you post regularly. This plays an important Role in Growing Your Business. there should be a Fixed time and Interval between your posts and you would be surprised to know that there are different times for Posting for Different days.

It is because we have different mood on different days. On Sunday we have a different mood and on Monday we have different. Try to use Insights data to find out when Your audience is online and When it is most engaging and what content audience wants.

Even if you can’t post regularly there are some tools which you can use to schedule your posts such as HootSuite and buffer. It can make your work really easy.

There are paid and Free versions available for these tools. you can use what suits you better.

Don’t forget to comment Any other way you know that can be used to Promote the brands.





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