5 Movies which can Inspire You to become a Successful Entrepreneur


There is a very strong connection between Entrepreneurship and Inspiration. We can also say that they both go hand in hand. For some Inspiration is becoming Rich or to get respect or to bring a change in the society or world Inspiration could be anything.

Entrepreneurs often go through ups and downs. In this case, some movies can help you get self-inspire. Here are the top 5 films which entrepreneurs should see while starting their Ow Business.

# 1 The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

This film released in 2006 which was directed by Gabriel Munich. This film teaches you how you can think beyond your Limitations.

The film is about a man who fights with all his problems and converts them into his favor. The reason was simple He never gave up.

#2 The Social Network (2010)

This film released in 2010 which was directed by David Fincher. This film was based on Mark Zuckerberg (he don’t need any Introduction I guess )  life. How he changed the complete world and grown exponentially.

In this movie, it is shown that how a man who was stabbed by his girlfriend started from a college room and entered in the list of one of the most Successful business Entrepreneurs the world has Ever seen in such a short time.

How Facebook has changed our social life, I don’t have to tell you.

#3 Rocky (1976)

This film was released in 1976 featuring Sylvester Stallone. In this film, a poor Dalit Boy was shown who accepts the challenge of World Heavy Weight champion and make a historic Win.

Everyone mocked him, No one Believed in him but the only thing that kept him going was his Self Belief and the Self-motivation to become something.

The film is surely not related to Entrepreneurship but it surely teaches you how to keep fighting when the whole world is against you.

#4 The Shawshank Redemption  (1994)

This film was Released in 1994. The film was based on two prisoners who shared a great relationship. Even though the film couldn’t manage to perform well on box office but received a positive review.

The film is all about how you can change impossible into possible even at the worst time If you have the keep going Attitude.

If you are going through troubles then this movie is a must watch to help you out and for the Self  Motivation.

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# 5 The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

This film was Released in 2013 featuring Leonardo Caprio the Oscar Winner and And the titanic Hero The film is about an American Stock Broker which tells you about those mistakes which you should never do in your own Business.

The film shows the dark side of the stock market and Inspires to Be careful Every time.

Please comment your favorite movie and do watch the films listed above if you are planning to take up entrepreneurship.

Do comment your favorite movie and if you haven’t watched it yet then Please go and watch.

You can also comment your favorite movies which give you motivation.


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